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How to Install a Rear Spoiler

By May 12, 2014 Blog No Comments

You finally have the sporty car you’ve always wanted. And, you can’t get enough of it. You’ve already started customizing its look with RKSport Hoods and a smooth wiper cowl. But, there seems to be something missing. It’s not enough that your car is fast, but you want it to look fast too. No problem, we totally understand. And, that’s why we suggest you set your ride up with a racy rear spoiler. Custom crafted for your specific vehicle, all of our rear spoilers boast a factory-like fit. Plus, they can even be paint-matched to your car’s finish. So, what are you waiting for?

Elite Spoilers

Installing a Spoiler is Easy

If you’re still hesitant because you think the installation will be too difficult and time consuming, let us put those worries to rest. Installing a spoiler is an easy-to-do upgrade that you can complete yourself in your own driveway.

Check out these easy guidelines on how to install a rear spoiler. While installation instructions vary depending on your spoiler and your vehicle, these guidelines allow you to see just how easy the job is.

RKSport Spoilers

Rear Spoiler Installation Steps


  • Open your trunk and look under the door. Remove the hard fabric board to expose the framework of the trunk door.
  • Use the two plastic alignment tabs to tape the spoiler in place with the centering hole inside each fastener opening. This will allow you to center the spoiler and tape it in place to place the drill hole correctly. Once in place, turn the spoiler over and center its position on the trunk door in its mounting position. Then, once it’s centered, tap the alignment tabs down to the trunk door.
  • Pull the spoiler away from the trunk door, leaving the alignment tabs stuck to the trunk. Use a punch to push through the alignment tabs and mark the trunk’s surface.
  • Remove the tabs and drill a hole that will average ¼ inch. Drill both punch marks through the trunk door.
  • Use a screwdriver to screw the fasteners into the spoiler. Tighten all screws tightly.
  • Replace the inside deck lid cover, close your trunk door, and enjoy your ride’s new style.

What’s the Best Rear Spoiler for Your Vehicle?

When choosing your new rear spoiler, you need to decide which style is right for you. From Elite Spoilers to APM Spoilers, there are several top brands for you to choose from. And, when we throw front car spoilers into the mix, we make it even harder for you to choose. We do, however, make it easier for you by providing hundreds of customer reviews on our rear and front spoilers. Check out reviews on the various Honda Accord spoiler options, or the Camry spoiler selection. You can even search for Camaro spoiler 2012 to see which spoiler is best for your exact year and model.